Tuesday, May 18, 2010

infodump, user style.

yo doods, i just checked my b+r dump email and heres what the tribe has dropped into the aether recently.

The first two are fresh:
detroit cops somehow manage to shoot a 7 year old girl asleep in her home.

moves towards legalization causing marijuana prices to drop.

and heres some random things from here and there:

11 badass gas masks.

humanity. up until now. mostly sex and violence.

(click for giant)

the annotated weekender

he draws on magazines and its awesome.

the Believer.

http://lifeisrubbish.com/music, art and poppy things, and well nice to read up on. excellent taste, this one <3

digital mockup of Indigos latest wall production.


from the site:
"Fluid Radio brings you the best in experimental frequencies allowing listeners, artists, producers and promoters to be completely involved in the growth and direction of the station.

Focusing on experimental genres, we aim to provide a space to share in the creative process and spread the experience of inner exploration through musical expression."

its a winner.


user submitted articles on everything.


incredibox.fr/ music makin, with pictures.

nazi 'angel of death' dr. josef mengele responsible for 'twin town' in brazil.

Thanks for the mindfood guys, feel free to send more anytime <3

(to share something with the pool, send action to bonesandrobots [at] inbox.com)

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