Sunday, August 2, 2009

Why Pre-order!!!?????

You may be thinking
whats all this pre-ordering nonsense? Why should I bother when I can just get one from blurb when it comes out?

Well, there are 3 main reasons that preordering is a good idea for everyone!

1. It's cheaper!!!!!
Blurb shipping costs are absolutely scandalous. Shipping 1 book to australia could cost you up to 20 usd! We are shipping them out there for 9! a steal!
The book itself may be the same price, but us being able to ship the books out ourselves is a huge advantage

2.GOODIES! The books are going to be sent out with extra prizes for the cool kids who ordered them. If you do not order now you dont get nothin but high shipping rates and a feeling of envy. we're tryin to treat you guys right

and 3. You're spporting human and I, not blurb, and allowing us to have more control over when the books get out, what goes with them, money, etc. We're just like these two people who made these books for you guys and we would really appreciate your support so we can continue to make books and find ways to make them cheaper so more people can look at them

We need at least 10 orders to be able to pull it off
we can do it guys!

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