Tuesday, June 5, 2012

maurice sendak died recently

working on tribe again, focusing that shit and assigning properties to things, its getting a little more coherent maybe. inkflow moving slow since my comp sucks so bad, i might have to get a new one soon. waiting for a new external drive to come in so i can dump my whole compudrive onto it and keep its brain light, well see how it goes. i have to remedy this situation.

 crashed the artwalk over the weekend with a backpack full of paint and sprayed some stencils and showered stickers into the crowd, kinda fun. scitech digging all week for tribe and hopefully actually getting down to character arcs and putting together a folder of solid influence for architecture and styles. whatever its just jabber but theres a lot going on in here, im excited.

book posts all week, ive been catching up and its getting the gears cranking again. i got some sendak books ive never heard of and a new seuss book and some comics and things.

maybe even drawings soon whaaaat


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