Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dawn: Lucifers Halo

by Joseph Michael Linsner

"I will love you like none other, for i have died a thousand tiny deaths, and every time i died i thought of you."

dawn is the goddess of birth and rebirth. she is sent by god to retrieve the devils halo, a gift from eons ago that he no longer deserves. he was given a kingdom of hell for his sabotage, and that was enough. she receives the halo, but instead returns to earth and gives it to darrian ashoka, a human warrior in an apocalyptic new york. unknown to darrian, he is the incarnation of death, dawns lover. he treks to and from life and death battling through heavens knights, hells demons and himself, on a quest to find who and where he is.

brutal, deep stuff this, and all 200+ pages are beautifully painted.

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