Friday, September 2, 2011

so then

folking hell its been a rough week of change of nonstop bombardment, ive been neglecting the joint.

we only have so many hours of clear or even hazy consciousness, and starting on the 22nd or so of august, a huge percentage of mine have been spent at school. yep, i started going to school, something i never thought id do again, ever.

But in the true spirit of transhumanism, ive decided to jump headfirst into the stream of massive transition, linking olde burned off synapses and truly opening up all available ports for the first time in a while. Its very stressful, and ive been grumpy.

yep, im a scribe, currently split between illustration and engineering as a major. it all comes full circle, so bear with me.

Books are a racket, so much so that for the same cost i decided to get this instead:

its a toshiba thrive tablet, solid stable android OS, the stock browser eats ass but so did my fones, i havent really had a chance to fuck about with it and try out new ones though, so im not too worried. works great for ebooks, so everything else as far as im concerned is an extra. so i proceeded to download my textbooks. some i even had to buy, scan and return. fair play i say, information should cost time, not money.

toshibas releasing the kernel source in a couple weeks, so itll be worth rooting it then, to overclock it and remove the stock bloatware. really clean though, and great for working on tribe too, i like it.

im taking a drawing course and a drafting course, as well as math and a film throwaway class(i needed an extra unit to get to full time to qualify for financial aid, which is 12, so im currently taking 14 units, and yes, its busy as fuck)

i honestly havent drawn in almost a month, been busy writing bits for tribe and doing other shit so im rusty as fuuuuck. heres a first day self portrait i had to do, yep im terrible with a pencil AND with realism, which warrants me going to class, yes? anyway my beard is awesome, so eat it.

so enough about school, who wants to hear about that shit anyway?

what spare time ive had has been spent almost exclusively on something ive been waiting literally years to come to fruition.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
robotica at its finest.

the first segment has a trio of unknowns attack sarif industries, the forerunners of the augmented limb industry. adam jensen, an ex-cop turned private security for sarif, is hurled through a bulletproof window and beaten mercilessly by one of the trio. the opening credits feature jensens intense surgical augmentation, replacing his sternum, arms and more with augmented cybernetic limbs.

he barely survived.

the thing about deus ex is that yes, currently, it is sci-fi, but the truth is that we will have to deal with these issues in our lifetimes.

its already in motion. stay tuned for a tech dump in the next week or so. ill show you this new world.

also heres a model of jensens arm from a trade show :drooooooooooooool:

anyways, i felt obligated to explain my sudden absence. it might be sparse for a couple more weeks while i get accustomed to being this fucking busy, but i WILL make time for bonesandrobots, i promise.

this is for rebekah, bump it gerl!

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