Thursday, July 14, 2011

movie storm ahoy

hello grinders, welcome to another day of rainbowed whimsy at bonesandrobots.

you may have noticed that ive begun to post an obscene amount of film stills.

i tend to go through media phases, from movies to books to visual arts to the streets to fashion to technology etc etc etc and suck up anything i can find up to current, present time. i take them in sections so as one finishes up, i can catch up on another id been neglecting and theres less downtime in terms of raw data digestion. just got about 80 movies and shows from all over and im pounding through them like a madman, and will probably just start autoposting a new one every few days up until theyre gone, just to get them done and static, so i can slice through them with new shit pretty much at will and you dont have to worry about this place becoming a hipster film club or something.

so enjoy them or dont, but know the effort and wonder of digging for gems in a sea of shit.

also, working on another tribe poster featuring 'the theorist and the bot', as well as a stenciled piece entitled 'hoi polloi'. love to hit the street again, its been a long while.

a fair bit of drawings coming soon too.

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