Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hello there


Wow, a blog. I feel like quite a big shot now, what with thinking of you reading a blog post i am currently writing as i write but before you are reading.

theres a resonance there i think.

We actually made this months ago but never once wrote anything in it because of laziness mostly, so heres one to get the ball rolling. its totally going to roll all kinds, so wear your helmets or youll probably hit your head on a corner, i know you.

heres a few sketches ive done in the past couple days to start off:

Hurray, so ill be trying to post at least about every other day with new werx and projects and all kinds of debauchery and heavy drinking. in a few days i have a grand grand announcement about the street book we've been working on, now titled We Were Here

its gonna be good, i promise.

So yeah, you should come back every so often, maybe even bookmark(i know, its a big commitment)the page so you dont forget about it.

because i mean who reads blogs?


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